Half of every pressing of this recording will be donated to the non-profit White Bison Association as a fund raising tool to help feed and care for this herd of bigger than real buffalo. We also do a limited run of White Buffalo shed "Big Medicine " Pendleton blankets which sell out quickly each year and which also support this herd. Lean more at: www.whitebisonassociation.com

  • 1 Bigger Than Real 0:46
  • 2 Can't Eat Can't Sleep0:47
  • 3 White Buffalo0:44
  • 4 Raven's Heart0:45


                     Double CD _ New cover


"An eclectic mix of rock,  blues, & native American music with deep spiritual roots set in the American West."


Produced, engineered, and mixed by Charles Button and Sacred Mountain Studio locations in California, Arizona, N.C., and Oregon. With additional engineering by Michael Thompson, Phil Kenzie, Dennis Dragon, Richard ( Koz) Kosinski, Joshua Seth Eagan, & Big Sky Studio. Mastered by Chris Hanzsek

Cover design by Stephen Stringall

My thank you's go out to all of my friends, and to all the supporters of these buffalo , who donated their time and talents to make this record. I could not have done it alone. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Jacques DeKalb, Michael Thompson, Phil Kenzine, Walfredo Reyes, Paul Warren, Dennis Dragon, Cynthia Hart-Button, Heyoka Merrifield, Will Clipman, San Dicks, Milton Tso, Jef Kooper, Richard Kosnski, Kenny Blue Ray, Bob Billington, Mitch Paey, Joshua, Seth Eagan, Mark Thomas, Ed Barattini, Sunny Hearty, Melissa Reeves, Owen Martin ,Duke Davis, Dave Cosmo, Al Brinkerhoff, Nick Hope, Sarch-Jane Owen, Jim Sloter, Tom Hart, Tammy Boyd, Rich T, Jon Lowry, Monkey Gonzalez, Lewis Hutcheson, Wille Warwick, Karen Warwick, Terry Bryant, Chris Burbeck, and Christopher Wenzel . Poster Cover and CD art and design by Stephen Stringall- Terra Carta Media with contributions from Cynthia Hart-Button.