Whoever  came up with the brilliant idea to get these four gents together , should be given an award. A marvelous mixture of traditional vocals, Native flutes, pan-global percussion and contemporary sounds, this quartet captures the ear with their engaging sound. The music is inviting, the arrangements are seamless, and the playing is world-class. Tso  and Betony's singing and flute playing blend beautifully with the musical murals created by Button and Clipman.  The result is a magical  melding of the traditional sounds in a contemporary context. Just pick a track-it's all good. A dazzling debut from this compelling quartet, Great Mystery's 

"Here & Now" is mesmerizing!   Gene Bates

  • 7- Sound Medicine0:47
  • 8- Hay Ya Hay0:45



This is about awakening one's spirit.

Feelings of ancient wisdom come across in the hauntingly beautiful native American tapestry, merging time-honored traditions with new soundscapes. The result is a uniquely mystical experience, remember our connection to the CREATOR.

  • 11- Two Winds0:49
  • 12- Warrior's Song0:46