~ Release Date ~ October 16, 2014 ~


~ About Charles ~

  Known for his musical integrity, "silky" voice and original style; Charles Button is a Recording Artist, Songwriter/Composer, Actor, and Producer/Engineer. A music industry veteran, Charles has produced several successful Artists, as well as having previously recorded a solo album in England.

  Some personal career "highlights" include, performing at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood for the 2002 Native American Grammy Nominee Showcase. In October of 2008, Charles won a NAMMY award (NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD) in the category of “BEST PRODUCER". His last three CD's, "In the Spirit", "Awakening" by GREAT MYSTERY and "First Flight" by BLACKRAVEN, were all nominated for a Native American Music Award. Charles has also supplied work for Fries Films, Disney Cable, MTV, CBS, NBC, Fox TV, Playboy, the American Dairy Council, Sears, Mitsubishi, and a number of independent films. Currently, his work can be heard world-wide; featured in a number of films and on television.

  Acting appearances from Charles can be seen in films like "Oh God, You Devil" with George Burns," Shannon's Deal" with Iggy Pop and "Doobie Brother" Skunk Baxter, and has also appeared on "Dynasty" , "Mike Hammer", and "T.J. Hooker".

  Currently, Charles is based in Bend (Central) Oregon. Performing with the "Charles Button Band", and is also Owner/Producer at "Sacred Mountain Records & Studio".

  The new Charles Button solo album "White Buffalo ~ Bigger Than Real" is available NOW for purchase! Visit the "Store" page.





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