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 Hello all. I now live in a very private location in central Oregon. My wife and I came to Oregon in 2008 when eleven white buffalo were placed in the care of the Sacred World Peace Alliance, which is a no-profit 501c3 my wife Cynthia had founded. I now get up every day and head out to the pens on our 42 acre badlands ranch and feed and water the 14 white and 3 brown buffalo that live here. We had three white buffalo babies born here on our ranch this year, which is quite likely a first on this planet. I feel very honored to be here caring for this unique and wonderful herd. The buffalo can be seen at : www.sacredworldpeacealliance.com

Do make a donation to the cause of supporting these majestic animals if you can. We are attempting to create a sanctuary for these animals that will outlive us. We are a no-kill location, which is quite rare in the bison's world.

I still write and perform music, and have friends and clients that seek my recording services . I have a very comfortable recording studio that I recently remodeled nearby with a 32 track Protools system, and a collection of guitars, basses, keyboards, microphones, and other tools I have collected over the four decades that I have spent in the music and entertainment industry. I have produced a number of artists and CD's in the last several years, but I have not released a solo recording for quite a while. I am in the process of putting up the best of my musical history and catalog online and available to the public, and I have a solo album of new material nearly finished. Surprisingly I do feel it to be relevant, although I may be biased.
In closing, my love goes out to all kind hearts.

Charles Button is a recording artist, composer, and a producer/engineer. He has a long history in the music industry, known for his silky voice and original style. He has produced several successful artists and has recorded his own solo album in England.

   He is also an actor in the film "Oh God, You Devil" with George Burns.  He appeared in" Shannon's Deal" with Iggy Pop and Doobie Brother Skunk Baxter. He has also appeared on Dynasty, Mike Hammer, and T.J. Hooker.

   Charles has had his original music featured in films and on television. Charles Button is a performer known for his musical integrity. He is a proficient producer/arranger, singer, songwriter, and film composer.

His credits include work performed for Fries Films, Disney Cable, MTV, CBS, NBC, Fox TV, Playboy, the American Dairy Council, Sears, Mitsubishi, and a number of independent films.

   He performed at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, closing the show for the 2002 Native American Grammy Nominee Showcase.

His last THREE CD's, "In the Spirit" and "Awakening" by GREAT MYSTERY, AND "First Flight" by BLACKRAVEN, were ALL nominated for a Native American Music Award. In October 2008 Charles won a NAMMY (NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD) in the categorie: “BEST PRODUCER




SACRED MOUNTAIN Records is proud to announce the release of
"Here & Now", the third recording from the collaboration known as Great Mystery.
"Here and Now" features the flute and vocal chants of Dine' (Navajo) Milton Tso, the guitar, bass, and keyboards of Charles Button. the pan-global percussion of Will Clipman, and the traditional Dine' (Navajo) singing of Anthony Betoney.
 "Here & Now" Blends the timeless spirit of Native Americana with the contemporary freshness of folk-rock, pop, and world music sensibilities into a sound as expansive and evocative as the Southwestern landscape and culture from which it arises.




For studio time or to order CD's, call 1- 541.323.1886
To hear:
Here & Now : cdbaby.com/CD/greatmystery2
Blackraven's First Flight: cdbaby.com/cd/blackravenmusic and for Black Raven CD at www.myspace.com/blackravenmusic